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Hi allI have to make singapore orchids for an upcoming wedding, but am really struggling. Does anyone know of a good tutorial or book with them in?I have been scouring google but so far havent found what I'm looking for. any help will be much aprreciated
Thanks Dominic, have already emailed them, but it's unlikely they will stock it in time for my project! Never mind, back to the drawing board!
Ive just been watching the youtube videos on how to make sugar glasses and really want to try to make one. Just wondering if there are any cakers in the UK who have copyflex and where they bought it from?I know that makeyourownmolds ship to the UK, but for me to buy 8lbs of copyflex will cost me $400!!! Looking on google, I cant seem to find anywhere else in the UK that sells it. I dont really know much about the product to know what I'm looking for in alternatives, it...
Thank metria, I will try that!
Hi everyone, I wonder if any one can help me?Im trying to make my own birthday cake (!) but am having a little trouble. Its a beach scene with moi laying on a sun lounger, my hubby is buried in the sand while i am served cocktails by a cabana boy (a girl can dream! ). Looks good in my head, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to a) have sugar me laying on the lounger in proportion and; b) how to have the waiter standing in just his underwear. So that it...
Just wondering how you got on with the fondant nanefy? Im going to be doing my first proper wedding cake in a few weeks time and looking for a good fondant to use.
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