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I have a receipe for a rich butter cake which requires 6oz of butter and the sugar, 3 eggs, 8oz plain flour, tbsp milk and 1,5 tsp baking powder. it tells you to use a 8" tin.  I have baked this cake before and it barely reached 3/4 height of a 6" tin once baked.  How much batter shall I make to bake a 12" square cake?  I am thinking x 5 the reciepe but I am not sure its enough.
Thanks everyone for your advice.  After thinking this through, I am going to have to put my child first :)
I was wondering if anyone would help me as I feel a bit confused.  I am stuck in a dead end job working 7,30am-4pm every day mon-fri.  My local cake decorating shop is selling her shop as she is retiring.   I have always fantasised about having my own business but never thought of a cake decorating shop.  does anyone have any advise on the hours you must work each day in order to make  a living?  also, I have a child who I don't want to lose out on my time with him.  there...
Thanks, you have been alot of help 
Thanks, I've just seen it
I have looked candy coating up which would make the cake truffle / pop have a hard outer shell.  can you tell me why some people would prefer candy over white chocolate and what the difference it will make to the cake pop?
I haven't heard of neither, can you explain to me what they are?
thanks for the reply but there is no where on her site where you can e-mail her
I am glad you told me or it would have been inedible    I would probably make my own cream cheese frosting as they don't sell ready made in the supermarket near me and I always halve the amount of sugar in my frostings.  I will be dipping it in white chocolate which I have never done before, i usually  use milk and dark choc.  does white chocolate behave differenty when being melted?  is it necessary to temper it or can i just melt in over a basin normally?  i have never...
alot of the receipe's I have come across requires to use a tub of frosting (16 oz) with 9x13 cake.  is that too much frosting?
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