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Thankyou jemchina:  I will check it out.  Grammy1963
A customer of mine want to use real burlap wrapping around her buttercream cake for her wedding. Real burlap has an industrial odor and I was wondering if anyone has used this on their cakes.  I am afraid the odor will affect the taste of the buttercream  She does not want fondant she wants the real thing. Can anyone help me with how to treat the burlap to get rid of the smell.  Has anyone else used this?  I would appreciate any input.  Thankyou.  Grammy 1963
Thankyou for the website.  I like the glove idea!
I am being asked to cut the wedding cake(not my forte) at the reception.  For me it always such a messy job to do.  How do I do this efficiently, cleanly and keep my knife from gumming up with moist cake and icing.  I will be visible to the crowd.  Yuck!  Any great ideas out there?? Grammy1963
Thankyou Yortma:  Also thanks for the wedsite.  I will look them up.  Grammy1963
I am doing a cake with fireflies on the top and want to light them up.  They will be small. If I use led battery light string how do I hide the wires or does someone have a better idea?  This will only be a 10" layer. I hope someone  has done this before and can advise me.  Thanks, Grammy 1963
Thankyou so very much.  I think this is exactly what she wants. rosary and all!  Do you have any idea how to secure the base together  and to the cup?  Grammy1963
a friend of mine wants a 3-d authentic looking chalice on top of her childs 1st Communion cake.  She does not want a cookie cut-out.  Any ideas?  Grammy 1963
How do I do a 3-D cut out cake of Picachu for 30 people? It has been too many years since I last did one? Sure would appreciate some help here. Thanks, Grammy1963
I would like to start airbrushing. There are too many choices in prices. How do I know what is good and what is not. I don't even know if I will like it. I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars not knowing if it is for me. However , if I buy the least expensive to start what difference will I experience in using it compared to the more costly ones? Please advise. Grammy 1963
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