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help ccers I need to make 300 cupcakes for christmas and I need to freeze them can anyone tell me the best way to freeze them all ideas are welcome
has anyone worked with modeling chocolate and if so could you please tell me how your experience was with it ? I have been having a battle with it, any info will be greatly appreciated
ok all you ccers I need your help? I need to make some ganash for an 8" cake the kind that you can pour over the cake not the kind that is an icing and I also need the proper ratio and the kind of chocolates that you need I appreciate all your help you are like a big family and you are there to help whenever you are called on god bless you all
I want to make a Mickey mouse cake for a friend of mine but I want it to be a stand up one can any of you creative ccers please help it would be very much appreciated thank you all sighned very frustrated
I am fairly new to cc but I needed a onesie cookie for my neice's baby's first birthday and I googled a pattern and I got the cookie cutter idea from u-tube she said to get a product from a hardware store it is usually used to hold pipes to a wall and it comes in a roll and is plyable and bendable. I made it and I was amazed at the outcome and it is so cheap. By the way the product is called Steel Hanger Strap. Hope that is any help to anyone. Please let me know by e-mail...
can someone tell me what they mean when they say vegan
I have not done any figurines in a while so I am asking for any of you cc ers for your help.? i want to make a male figurine would it be best for me to make my figurine in fondant and gumpaste or just fondant please help thank you all .I will be waiting for any response
please,please,please I need all you ccersfor help. I was very unsuccessful to be able to get a dart vader ornament for my grandson for his birthday so I would like to make a dart vader cake or cookie for when he comes to grandmas house in June please any help if you can it would be greatly appreciated , A sad grandma
has anyone made cake pops with a filling and if so was it hard to do ,any ideas
I had ordered an dart vader ornament or at least a friend had ordered it for me and it never got to my daughters home any how I told my daughter that i would try to make one in a cake pop does any one have any ideas on how I can do this any ideas are welcome thank you all cc ers
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