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Thanks! Although this link did not work, I found another great video on youtube. Never thought of looking there before .
Thanks for all the help.
Really? But, I've noticed they put it on scrolled piping right onto the cake tiers! Would someone really remove all that scrollwork before eating? I could see removing bows and other big embellishments, but it seems tedious to have to remove little painted decorations before eating...
How about just taking the cake and tree separately, and assembling on-site? Then, you can just attach cardboard under tree, place a couple of dowels into cake, and let tree sit on top.
i made it a while ago, so i don't remember exactly, but i got the recipe from here. it was like 6 oz chocolate, and 1 tbsp corn syrup, i think.i'd really rather buy it, though, since i tried making it several times and it just wouldn't work. if you have a foolproof recipe, please share!
I did it once and it worked fine. However, if you plan on putting fondant decorations on it (I used the cannoli icing to pipe on cupcakes, then added fondant decorations), these melt gradually over a few hours. I think it's the ricotta cheese or milk that starts to separate in the cannoli icing at room temperature, not sure. If you have to add the fondant pieces, just add them last minute . It took about 4 hours for decorations to melt/bleed.
I have sever modeling chocolate issues. please help! I tried to make modeling chocolate, too crumbly, I added syrup, didn't work. So I bought modeling chocolate from the baker's kitchen, and it's also crumbly!! lolI reeeeeeaaaaaaally want to use modeling chocolate to sculpt peopple- it looks so nice and malleable when the Cake Boss does it on tv!! LOL. Does anyone know where I can buy this already made? I really don't want to try to make it again. . .
Thanks. Yes, I have tried that, but that's thin, too. I want a paint that really looks gold in one stroke. I see them use it on every tv show. as soon as they pass the brush over a border or royal icing piping, it's a brilliant gold.
They cover cakes and put in fridge on TV, already decorated! When i do that, the fondant condensates after i take it out, and all the decorations kind of melt, or the color bleeds! what gives?? do they use a special fondant or have special temp controls?
Hi guys,I bought a gold paint, but it's not that nice gold you see the cake decorators on TV using to paint their details. It's called glaze, so maybe that's why.Has anyone used Americolor Amerimist Gold metallic sheen? is this the thick real gold color I am looking for? I have to buy it online, so I want to make sure it's what I need before ordering. If this isn't, does anyone know which gold is the best? thanks so much!
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