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Wow, I am so going to try this.
Yes I have and I love it
I have made IMBC and iced cupcakes with it before and my when my Niece at it she had a reaction to the egg whites in it. If it was for children and you do not know what allergies they have etc I would stick to normal buttercream as it does not have raw egg whites in it.
Thank you so much for your replies. I didn't even think of using cardboard.
Hello Everyone,I am wondering if anyone could tell me how you would attach Buzz Lightyear wings to the side of a cake, similar to the wings in the attached picture. The cake will be a mudcake so it will be fairly dense however I am worried about the wings ripping the sides of the cake. Also what would you make the wings out of?
Thanks Auzzi. That is fantastic. I never thought about doing that way
I have used copha in buttercream when I first started decorating as I didn't know what to substitute for crisco and I WOULD NOT receommend it. Is is so hard and doesnt mix properly and you get lumpy bits of fat (gross). I now only use it to grease my board when modelling.The stuff you need is a whipped vegetable shortening. I get mine from Carolines in SA and its called Sno Creme Shortening. I have searched it everywhere and only cake decorating shops seem sell it. You...
Is there a trick to keeping lint/fluff out of gumpaste? No matter how clean my surface is I always seem to end up with it in my flowers / figures and it drives me nuts. Especially if I am using white. Also do you recommend using cornflour, icing sugar or shortening to stop it sticking? I use cornflour which I put into a stocking and dust down the surface and am wondering if this is causing the lint?
I will only ever make a topsy turvy cake out of mudcake and chocolate ganache (and cover with fondant) for this exact reason
It sounds like the bud didn't harden up enough on the wire before you put the petals on. Because it was a mixture of fondant and gumpaste it may have needed to be left longer than overnight.
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