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Hello!I looking for a cookie recipe that it will last long at list for a month.I would love to decorate them too.Is anybody can help me? Thanks!
I use satin ice.I order them from GlobalSugarArtThank you very much!
Hello Everyone,I just would like to know that fondant is gluten free or not?Thank you very much for every help.Rita
Ok, I want to do a cake or cupcake for my daughter's class.I want to do something funny (they are just 5 years old) and yummy.I just don't know where to start. Please help! Rita
I have a friend who has cancer. His doctors recommended whole wheat diet.Is anybody have any whole wheat chocolate cake recipe?Please help me! Thank you very much!Rita
Thank you very much!!!!!
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!
Can somebody tell me how much is 3/8 cup in oz. or ml?Thank you very much!
I would like to try Toba's glace.Should I keep the cookies in the fridge or I can leave them out?Thank you!
I will try both!Thanks again!
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