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I too am a hobby baker, work 34 hours a week out side of the home.  I have a 18 yr old handicap son that is = to a 138 lb 5.5 1 yr old.  It is very difficult to live or move him, and we do all his feedings, diapers etc.   So it is almost like having  babies at home.  Plus you add in the sandwich generation with my taking  care of a elderly mom who has dementia  (in a nurseing home but I do her laundry and dr apts, visits etc) /  I generaly only do one cake a week . I know...
I know this is a older thread but would this doll cake really even feed 25 people? georgous as it is.
I will have to check these out.  thanks
I just did one,  I took a tape measure ( one used for clothing to measure the around the pan size,  then I took the measurents of the diamond shape from side to side and took that number into the  # ( size around the pan )      example my 10 in round pan   32 in around,   my diamond shape was 3 inches wide.   so 10 around ( just shy of 11 )  here is a photo of the cake I recently did.  So I would have had two inches space   and I took the 11th diamond and placed it right...
I love how they did this hay like effect, and need to do this on a cake im working on,  Any ideas?  is this just tons on grass tip piping ?
I picked up two pieces of white foam core board,  one for the bottom and one for the back ground works great.
Yes works great.
i have used the Cricut Cake,  for the mats,  I have found that if your in need of one I can substitue  a plastic place mat ( they have them with kids designs on them everywhere)   of course these dont have the measurements and markings on them  but it works like a charm . and cheap too
Thank you for sharing
glad you asked, because I was wondering too, they look pretty  and I love the idea,,   thanks
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