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Wow just noticed how olsd these posts were!
Does anyone here know the best place to buy bakery ovens, refrigerated cases etc in or near Ocala Fl. It can be used or new. Thanks in advance.
Thanks jerseygirlNga. That Cinn-Cream Cheese buttercreme sounds good. I'll have to try that out sometime. but like you said it's easy enough to try the ginger buttercreme. I'll see how it tastes then go from there. Thanks again and happy baking.
I have a request from a groom for a Ginger buttercream to top a pumpkin cupcake in Dec. I have not tried i yet. It sounds good but never tasted it . Has anyone here ever tried that flavor combination. Or maybe another suggestion other then adding the powdered ginger to the buttercrean. It's for a wedding and I want it to taste yummy. Thanks Alaina
Oh my goodness!! I've been doing it like a buttercream transfer and flipping them. That is the problem! Oh thank you it mkes sense now that you explained. So after I out line. I then pipe the inside around the outline and details to the face of the pitt bull so you can still see them. Thank you so much. I don't have the light your talking about so I hope they still looks good. Thank you again I'm very excited to get back to work on them. Happy baking my friend!!
Thank you knlcox for your tips as well. I'm thankful for a few other options to try. I would not want to use the ones I already made with the wrinkles. Thanks again!
Thank you for your help cherrycake. I think I'll try the saran wrap and see if that works well for me. Thanks again!
Im useing wax paper on the back of a sheet pan. I tried parchment paperalso but couldn't get it tight enough against pan so I didnt try the RI on it. Maybe I need to use color flow product? I remember using that in a cake class but havent used it since.
   I'm doing a wedding in December just for the groom, I'm making cupcakes. 3 different flavors,frostings, and the  decorations are finished with 3 different things that represent what he likes.   I'm working on the pitt bull faces and I'm useing RI to do a transfer from clip art . The outside seems fine but the inside comes out with wrinkles in it . I've tried different thickness of it and still comes out with wrinkles Please help . Thank you in advance
Thank you so much for the awesome ideas! They sound great. I thought the same for the vollyball but wasn't to sure how I should do the sax or car so that sounds easy enough. I saw a sheet cake here on CC with a pitbull face on it and I thought I may try it. It looks like a butter cream transfer.I was going to try to print a coloring page I found in wallet size and see if that would work well. If not I'm sure he will happy with the other 3 designs. Again thank you for...
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