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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I soooo totally appreciate the responses! You are great!
I haven't been on here in a while so I can't find the posts because there are way too many., I need to know advice on how to attach sticks to bags for cookies. What have you found that works the best. Also where can I find sticks? Is there somewhere I can order them online? Thanks for your time it is very appreciated.Karla
Hi everyone,I am new here and have a quick question. I have read alot of posts in this section but do not remember reading the answer to this question.If I use parchment to roll out dough, can I keep rolling the excess over and over, or do the cookies get tough then? I am still old school and use flour when rolling but only roll each piece of dough twice. Would love to be able to use all my dough instead of throwing so much away.Thanks.
I would also be interested knowing this. I have often thought about checking into this but in the area I am in there are not a lot of options.
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