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I have used it right away... In fact i have never let mine set over night.
Someone said on a different post that I could paint the car silver... How do I achieve that? Right now the bumper is just grey and it is not the look I am going for. Thanks
I am going to create a car cake this weekend. I am going to carve and cover in fondant. For the grills, windows, etc, I am trying to figure out what will be the easiest. Should i make them out of buttercream or fondant. I like fondant because I am in Tx and the event is outside, but how i can I get the fondant grill to stick to the fondant car? I don't know how to glue them together.
great! Thanks so much!
I have only done one stacked cake before and that was when I didn't know better and I just stacked three layers on top of each other... The bottom layer will just be one layer and the second layer will be one layer. So you think if I just put support under the the layers (and by support do you mean carboard?) and under the duck that it would be okay?
I am doing a cake for my aunt's shower next week. I am going to do a 3D Duck, and I am going to let it sit on top a stacked cake. The stacked cake will only have two stacks. My question, what is the best way to make sure this is supported. Do yall think I need dowel rods? Or would it be fine. Thanks
No... I for some reason do not like to eat the cake or the frosting when I make them. My husband on the other hand every time i make a cake he gets the left over frosting and cake... He is the one who has put on the weight
Hi- I am going to make a car cake for my church's vacation bible school. I was wondering what is the best way to get the floater look. Is it made out of cake or is it non ediable surface holding it up? I plan to do the donuts for the wheels. Oh, I am going to make a sheet cake (2) stack and carve them to get the car... Unless anyone has any other ideas.Thanks
Royal icing is turning out to be a royal pain... I have only made it once before and when I did, it was to make the bows for a cake. I got it to hard, so I decided to try again and this time I can't get it hard enough... My question is, can royal icing be put in the frig? Has anyone done it before, because it is not hardening how I want it to in the frig.Thanks
How do I get the water effect when I do my cake, is it just buttercream or a different type of icing... I want the waves to curl up.Also,I am going to try and make boat, I don't have modeling paste, so what is the second best icing to make it out of.Thanks
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