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Thank you Alfiesmom, And yes please post pictures. Would love to see your beautiful cake. :)
Thank you Batterupcake!!!  You made my day. :)
yes, Congratulations on making the dead line. :)
You could make the spoiler out of gumpaste ahead of time. Best of luck. :)
I made a cake once, with the poured Ganache. I did wait until the Butter cream had crusted and the ganache was warm not hot. It worked pretty good.       
if your graham crackers are crushed pretty fine you should not have a problem. 
had never heard you could use computer paper. live and learn. I have used wax paper. :)
I make my own fondant, but when it comes to black I always buy it too. 
or you could make them out of 50/50 fondant /gumpaste. they could keep the name as a keep sake. 
Yes, I believe you have enough. :)
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