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My boyfriend and I are cracking up. Good reply.
First, I love watching the show. Like most people have said, I learn a lot just watching and I like when he gives little tips on the show. But how come no one has mentioned the bird cake episode where two of the decorators were out in the park with a box trying to catch pigeons to put in the cake? C'mon...
It looks like that is your 100th topsy turvy cake, not your 1st. Great job! I wish my cakes looked 1/2 as awesome as yours.
There is a sticky at the top of the "How Do I" group about making topsy turvy cakes. They call it a crooked cake. Check that out for help.
I agree with miny. I used copper but I used too much and it didn't look like flesh color at all. Start off with the tiniest amount of copper and add more as needed.
Thank you, Honeydukes!
Hello all! I'm a newbie so this might be a stupid question, but I was wondering if it is bad to use a royal icing recipe with egg whites. I have found a lot that use meringue powder, and only a few that use egg whites. Will using the egg whites make the royal icing "go bad?" Are there major benefits to using the meringue powder? Also, I just tried the NFSC recipe for my sugar cookies and I am now a convert. I hated making cut sugar cookies before because my cookies would...
Hello!I am a newbie too. You will love it here. 1. You can get the cutters at a craft store. They sell them in the cake decorating section. 2. I have never used them, but from what I have read, you have to make them yourself. 3. Maybe a cute duck cake using yellow and green as the main colors? There are a lot of great ideas in the galleries.
Thank you! You guys are so nice!
I am new at the cake decorating thing and I have never taken any classes. I made a cake for my boyfriend's birthday of us sitting on the couch watching TV because we do that all the time. Anyway, I carved the cake, covered it in fondant, and then covered it a cake dome because I didn't want the fondant to crack. I came home from work and... oops! The fondant became so soft, it tore all over the place and the cake started falling apart. I sadly attempted to salvage the...
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