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Thanks for letting me know. I guess I won't try it after all.
Did it turn to soup because the ganache was still warm or did you combine them when they were both room temperature and they still turned to soup?
I just iced two cakes (6, & 8 inch) with white chocolate ganache. They will be covered with fondant and they are filled with buttercream. Now I need to ice the 10" but don't have enough ganache. I really don't want to buy more chocolate and cream to make more ganache so I thought about combining the two like you did. But will it be sturdy enough to still cover with fondant and still hold the sharp edges?
Thank you, Costumeczar.  Very helpful.
Thanks for the help, Kakeladi.
I've read where some people have hand painted buttercream to get the look of airbrushing.  I don't own an airbrush nor do I know how to use one.  How can you get the same look by painting on buttercream.  I never knew you could do that.  Also, can you get the same look by painting on fondant?  Thanks for any help.
Thanks for the links.  Now I know where to purchase the kit.
Thanks, sugarpuppet. I'll check it out.
Hi everyone.  Does anybody know the best place to buy a 5" stiletto shoe former and heel mold?  The only type of shoe mold that the cake shop in my town sales is a candy mold.  I'm looking for a more realistic shoe and I've seen fabulous photos of gum paste shoes on CC.  I know to get this perfect look they must be using a shoe mold.  Who knows of a reliable/legitimate store or website that sales them?  Has anyone purchased anything from Sugar Delites?   Thanks, BW
Thank you!  
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