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Oh, I missed that part!    I was ok with the whole thing, but today I stopped in the fair office and chatted with the office worker.  They said they had 170,000 people attend last year!!    Hopefully they don't all want a cupcake!  LOL
I'd love to know how things go for you.  I'm doing my first big event in a week and a half - the county fair.  I'm a little anxious and have no clue how many cupcakes to do, so maybe you can give me some insight!  I'm planning to start with 600 plus brownie cake balls, then make more through out the week, if needed.  I can completely understand your stress level right now! 
Thank you all so much!
Thanks, everyone!  As my first ridiculously insane move, I've decided to do the local fair in a week.  This should be interesting... 
FINALLY, after operating under the cottage food law for 3 years, I got my license yesterday!!  I'm so ready to bake and decorate!! 
You forgot one - I'm a home bakery, but getting all of my ducks in a row this week to become licensed through a commercial rental kitchen...soooo excited!!!   My goal is the quit my day job ASAP!!!
It doesn't crust, but smooths great - just like a normal IMBC.
I'm not sure Liz.  I call it IMBC because that's what the recipe started as.  The original recipe was with just butter, but I add a little shortening so the butter flavor isn't quite so strong.  I usually add a little almond extract or orange too and it makes it really yummy.
The recipe I use works great:   6 egg whites 1 cup sugar 1 cup powdered sugar 4 sticks softened butter 1 c shortening 1 tsp vanilla or whatever flavor you want   Put eggs and regular sugar in double boiler and heat until it is no longer grainy (stir lightly - don't whip it).  Take off heat and beat with wire wisk attachment until stiff peaks form.  Start adding the butter and shortening a little at a time.  Add flavoring and powdered sugar. Change to...
Yep, guess i should have been a little more clear.  If you bake from their shop afterhours, you would have to get licensed and insured, but you'd be legal.  I think that's your only option to be able to sell indirectly.
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