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I haven't bought one yet, but in my research the 12 qt could go anywhere from $600 to $2000, depending on condition and whether it's a liquidation auction or whether you're buying it from a dealer. Check ebay for similar listings, that may give you a better range. Good luck!!
Here's a pic of the finished cake:
Another vote for 4". I ordered some a few months ago & I went with the 4" because it seems to be the 'standard' size for most bakers. Also, a lot of stencils work best on a 4" surface. Have fun playing with them when they arrive!
You can use either flower nails or bake even strips or both. They're all designed to do the same thing. I usually use both a flower nail and strips on my round cakes. Extra insurance, I guess!
I just made a 12x18 last night. I used a double batch of WASC and it filled it perfectly. I forgot to put my flower nails in, so I wrapped the outside of the pan with wet terry cloth strips. Worked great to keep it from rising in the middle too much. I baked mine for about 40 minutes in a 325 oven. Good luck!
Stacy, churches can be a great place to start when looking for a commercial kitchen. Many of them are equipped already and the rent may be lower than a cafe or restaurant. Good luck!!
Thanks IndyDebi...that's exactly what I was thinking. Just needed confirmation from the pro's!
My SIL and I are planning an Open House for my IL's 50th anniversary later this month. I'm making the cake & having trouble deciding on what style of cake to make.Stacked?Cupcake tower w/tiered cake on top?Dummy cake w/kitchen cakes for serving?Since it's an open house style party, I kind of want the cake to be part of the decor...which makes me lean toward doing a dummy cake for display. And, kitchen cakes will be easier to serve. But the practical side of me says to do a...
I have those pans, but only the 5, 7 & 9. Got them from my grandma. I love retro bakeware!
The site looks great. Love the color scheme & the "look and feel" of the fonts you used. Do you offer weekend classes? I have some relatives in Ames & would be willing to drive down for a Saturday class.
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