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Thank you so much for this info. I am getting ready to do a kake in December and I am going to make a tartan scarf, can I follow the same direction for the swags? Also wasn't quite sure how to attach the scarf onto the cake.
I am making a wedding kake this weekend and the entire thing is carrot kake with cream cheese frosting. How can I keep the cream cheese frosting from getting too soft so it will holds its form whem I use a piping bag to do the borders and such. Any help would be greatful and the sooner the better as I said I am needing help by at least Saturday sometime. Thank you. Kat
Been baking over 24 years. I am the private wedding kake baker for a large country club. I want to start branching out and offer my services to more companies ex. hotels. I do most of my baking out of the country club. The problem I am having is that the hotel properties say I need to have a lisence and or be bonded. I hear that can be very expensive. I understand the purpose of bonding but most of my friends are not but still have a business. I just want to have...
I am making chocolate bonbons and I need some help on how I can get color on the outside of my bonbons giving it a shiny sheen and adding edible glitter to it to make it glimmer. I have tried lustre dust mixed w vodka but not shiny enough, please help I am deperate. Kat
Thanks you for the info. I will give it a try.
I am making a wedding kake for the end of June and I live in Florida with high humidity. Can you tell me how to make a crusted cream cheese frosting.
Is there anywhere for me to take a photograph to have it copied onto a frosting sheet, I do not own a frosting printer.
Hi my name is Kat, I am in the process of making a kake and my client would like me to put a photograph on it, but I do not have the frosting ink printer and can't afford to buy one. Is there anyone that knows of someone that would copy the picture on a frosting transfer sheet and I would definitely be willing to pay for it. I just don't want to take the chance of ruining their aged photo. Thanks
Hi My name is kat and I am wanting to find out the best way to transport a kake approximately on a three hour trip. I have transported by just having the airconditioner run very cold and placed in a box, are there any other suggestions. I also have a kake that is going to be transported by car on a trip to pennysylvania what if the best way for that because someone had suggested the use of dry ice but am not sure how to use in transporting. Thanks Kat Need info asap.
Hi my name is Kat;I am a kake decorator and have recently acquired some teflon dark coated baking pans. I am having a problem when I am baking kakes. I know that you need to decrease the oven temp by about 5 degrees and possibly increase the baking time by 5 minutes. But following all these guidelines I am still finding that my kakes are having a burnt smell to them and are still a little darker than should be. Can anyone help to solve these problems, I do love my pans...
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