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Thanks for the ideas.  I was hoping to change the wording to reflect my client's name and age....therefore, need to be able to edit the label.  Grocery stores won't print the label as it's trademarked.  Thanks again for your ideas!
Hi All....anyone know where I can get a custom Jack Daniels label?  Thanks in advance for the help!
I just made a frill cake and the fondant ruffles are too heavy for buttercream.  I rolled the fondant to a number 6 on the pasta machine....see-through thin.....there are just too many for the butter cream to hold.  As soon as the buttercream gets to room temp, the frills slide.
How can I make a scalloped overlay (fondant on fondant) so that the scallops are even and don't distort when transferring to the cake?
I am attempting to make a beer bottle cake for a friend. I was planning to have my local grocery store create an edible image of the beer bottle logo, but it's copyrighted and they won't do it. I picked up some edible image paper from the craft store, but don't have an edible image printer. Any suggestions on how I can create the logo??? Any and all advice is welcome!!
I have such trouble stacking cakes with any type of fruit filling. I always start with even layers, a super stiff dam, and a very thin coat of fruit sleeve filling but somehow they always shift. I also leave them to settle overnight. What am I doing wrong?For an example, see Damask wedding cake in my photos.
A friend of mine owns a small childrens birthday party businness that teaches kids how to cook simple, yummy, and quick dishes themselves. Basically she goes in with all the supplies for each child, children decorate their "chef" hats, she demos the "how-tos" of the recipe, and the kids make thier own dish from scratch. She is considering adding a "cake decorating" option to her parties as they are primarily entree type dishes right now. Any thoughts and/or ideas on how...
Does anyone know if this will work? I have a recipe for salted caramel buttercream that is fantastic, but a little too sweet. I love WBH buttercream and was thiinking of adding caramel to it.
Thanks for the info!
Does anyone know what type of icing grocery stores use as their "whipped" icing?
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