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I was told the cannon ip3600 was a great edible printer but I can't seem to find that exact model on store websites. Is there a newer model I can buy that will still work with the edible ink cartridges for the ip3600?? Thanks!!
Thanks so much for all the replies!!! And thank you icing images for all of the info, I really appreciate it!!!!
Should I purchase a cricut cake machine or an edible printer? I'm a home decorator and have always wanted an edible printer but now I'm interested with the cricut machine. I just wanted everyone's opinion, thanks!!!!
I am looking into buying a edible printer, any suggestions or tips on buying one??
Does anyone know if Michelle Pack from still decorates cakes? The website is shut down, I didn't know if she has a new one or not. I used to love to visit her website and see all of her creations, great cake artist!
Does anyone happen to have the Merinque buttercream recipe michelle from uses for her cakes? She sent it to me long ago but I've lost it. Thanks a bunch!!
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