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My black mmf is to stretchy and tears when I lift it to cover my cake . I need advice ASAP ! TIA
I'm making an adult cake one of the torso with male organ and another one sheet with male organ on top . I'm so nervous its for a friend any ideas ,its for the 20th of May .Has anyone made one with butter cream any tips will be greatly appreciated .Thanks
thanks for sharing !
I made mmf and i colored it black and it's breaking apart can i fix it or should i throw it away ? I need it tomoorrrooww ! Help
I use press and seal.
Sorry if this has been asked before .Can I use bettercreme under fondant ? Making my belly cake tonight ..... Tia
thanks for responding so quickly your help is greatly appreciated : )
I also want to know if you use 1/2 of the 6oz or 3oz jell-o box. thanks
I bought the prewhipped can in the 15 lb container from my Sams can I divide and freeze it ? TIA
I was wondering if anyone likes the idea of having a like option under posts posted . Just a suggestion something sort of like facebook having a rolling pin instead of a thumbs up .
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