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Yes, I always level them first.. Its almost as if the cakes were not the same size. I use ame cake pan and same recipe. Weird.
Can someone explain to me why it is, that when you bake 2 cakes in the same pan for both, when you go to layer them, they never line up exactly?  Is there a way of layering them so that they are even? I don't want to trim  all around the sides, for fear that I will make it worse. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
How do I get a really vibrant purple in fondant? My purples always turn out oo light or very dull looking purple.
when I use gumpaste (Wilton's recipe) to make flowers or other accessories, I find once it dries, its very brittle. It doesn't take much to break a piece off. So, should I mix gumpaste and fondant 1/2 and 1/2? Does someone have a recipe for a good gumpaste. I also noticed once it dries (the gumpaste) I find the texture of the petals or leaves do not have a smooth looking finish. Cetainly not smooth like all the flowers I've seen on cc.
Does anyone know, if I use the Homemade glaze (vodka & corn syrup) to glaze my gumpaste decorations, example leaves, do they become sticky over a period of time? I will be making a wedding cake with fall leaves, and the bride wants the leaves to be shiny. If I use the glaze on the leaves, I want to be sure they will not become sticky to the touch. I do have an airbrush, if I used a pearl sheen after I color the leaves with petal dust, would that work? Thanks for all...
I was asked to do cupcakes with a "french provincial" design. I'm not to sure what they are suppose to look like. Can anyone send me links or ideas of what they look like? Thanks
Thank you
When making a topper of gumpaste flowers, do you start with a mound of fondant or gumpaste and then attach the different flowers to the mound?
Okay, thanks for the responses. I will try that. But, does the cake sitting on top of the filling tend to not stay stable? If you're using a jelly like filling or something gooey, won't the cake slide around on the filling?
When a filling is used between the layer of cakes, do you spread the filling as you would spread the buttercream, or do you have to hollow out a bit of the cake to put the filling. I made a mousse type filling, but when I put it between the cake layers, I couldn't keep the cake on top of the filling to stay stable. The cake kept moving all over the place, and the filling oozed out the sides. Not sure if you know what I mean. Hope someone can answer me. Thanks in advance.
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