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That was my feeling too. I thought the forum would be the place to ask. So many talented people!
I saw these numbers on in the Vintage Confection shop and I would love the molds. I have done extensive research trying to find them. They are not on or I've checked tons of cake and candy supply websites. I can't find these filigree number candy molds anywhere! Has anyone come across these molds?  
I've been decorating cakes off and on for 23 years and I'm always learning more tips and tricks! A great website for cake decorating tips is Yes, each class does cost money but they offer 50% off deals all the time and very worth it. You will learn things from cake artists you've seen on all the cake challanges like Marina Sousa and Joshua John Russell. They offer great tips! Once you've purchased a class you have access to to it forever. You can also...
I love the SMBC! It is so smooth and creamy. I added a really good vanilla for flavoring. I couldn't get enough. It takes color really well. I used Martha Stewarts recipe. It didn't seem like it would be enough for what I needed so I doubled the recipe.
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