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Excellent! Thank you!!
I've never had any experience with Satin Ice, but if you notice your fondant drying out, knead a little crisco into it and I agree with using less cornstarch or powdered sugar.Some people also use a measuring spoon so their pearls are all the same size, but considering it's your first go, you did great .
That is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so happy for you .
An extremely dense, moist and rich chocolate cake. Here's a link to one, but there are many different recipes:
Give fondant a go. I am soooo crap at buttercream. Every time I try I end up covering it in fondant anyway .Just try a small 1 tier round cake to start off with (those square cakes can be tricky).Yes definitely try Youtube, that's where I started.
Oh, but as far as effect, yes it will do the same job and look just as good .
It depends on if you think you will use it again. I'm not certain, but I think the metal one holds more, which makes it easier to do longer ropes and I've heard that the plastic one is a bit harder on your hands.
Ok cool. If your supply shop is just for cakes they might not stock it as they were originally marketed for using with polymer clay.
If you don't have far to travel, that cake could be pre-assembled before departure. Just make sure the leaves and flowers are "glued" on really well.If you want to go with extruding fondant and you're in Australia, this seller ships really fast. They always have my items to me within 2 days. yeah, I'd be looking for final...
It's the only thing that I can think of that's going wrong since she doesn't put her cakes in the fridge.Unless................The salt isn't dissolving properly. I don't add salt to mine either, but I do use salted butter.Salt draws moisture to it. Try this...sprinkle a little salt on a plate and leave out over night. By the next morning there should be little water droplets there instead of salt crystals.Now that is a long shot, I'm still tending to think it's more of...
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