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I just used Duff Fondant for my helmet cake and it worked beautifully but it is expensive. I got it at Michaels with a 50% off coupon.
Can't seem to attach the picture. It's in my photos.
I'm feeling much better. I believe I have rectified the situation. Here is their complementary cake.
I got mine at D&G Occasions in Orlando Florida, it was $69.99.
I just got some fondant alphabet and number cutters made by Wilton at Michael's. They were $15 and I used my 40% off coupon. I bet they would work for you.
First time for me to mess up an order. It feels so terrible I just need to cry it out. Birthday cake to be delivered today for a boys 9th birthday. The family flew into Walt Disney World today and were going to surprise him tonight with the cake.The problem is, I had it on my calendar for Monday, September 6th and I've been preping for it for Monday's delivery. Football field cake with a football helmet. I've got so much going on in my life and the cake orders are...
Congratulations. Have fun!!
Yay!!!!! So very happy for you!!! It's a tough hurdle but YOU DID IT!!
Yes, it can be very frustrating. When I started, it seemed all of the information was just not "easily" obtained. You've really got to be obsessed with the idea, keep hammering at it. I was completely obsessed to get it done.I've been legal for a year now and business is picking up. I rent space in a commercial kitchen for $266 a month. Some months I earn enough to cover rent and supplies, some months I don't so at times it feels like an expensive hobby but boy do I...
Will sugarshack's recipe work in a 5 quart mixer?
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