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I'm ready to purchase a printer. I want to use it to print images like football team logos. I'm clueless. I've heard you can use a regular pinter if it is being used exclusivly for edible printing.So, should I be looking at a regular printer, cricut, or a linda mcclure silhouette. Please help me get the right one. I won't be doing massive amounts of printing since it's just me and my little business.Thank you as always!!
For those of you in the Vero Beach Fl area.I will be in Vero Beach FL the weekend of Oct 9-11 doing a wedding cake. In case of emergency are there any cake supply stores in the area.Thank you.
Oh I'm going to get beat up for this one.I don't charge for delivery within 15 miles. It gives me the edge over my competitors so when someone gets a price from me there are no "extra" charges. One flat rate. Honestly, when people see that on my web site it generates a call. It also helps that I am within 15 miles of Walt Disney World.
If you think about it, when you leave butter out it gets soft but when you leave shortening out it never changes consistances. You can use the Buttercream Dream recipe on here, it's got a great flavor.
In my photo's I have a chcolate cake with a blue ribbon and bow. Looks pretty good to me.
See, this is the stuff that confuses me. On says to use unsalted butter and one says to put salt in it.
I can't laugh, heck, I gave mine away.
Wow sweettreat you helmet is awesome. How much do you charge?
Well, I finally did the helmet cake (my first one). Here is a picture if I can post it, if not it is in my photos.I did not charge for the cake as it was a gift. Wouldn't know what to charge anyway.
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