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I need to correct my post above. Florida currently does not allow home bakers so I rent commercial kitchen space.
Leah, I've got to be one of your biggest fans. I love the way you do business and tell it like it is. You are the reason I am "legal". Thank you.Here's my website. I've got a baby start up but it's
Yes, add more liquid.
I just purchased the silhouette. I have never used an edible printer and don't have one. But now it sounds like the silhouette is just a cutter.Am I also going to have to purchase an edible printer to use this thing?
So funny and so very true. I love to go to Lowes or Home Depot for cake supplies.
It's very useful for decorating halloween stuff.
I would like to buy some also. I can get it online but they want $10+ for shipping.
yes, i add the cocoa to the white fondant.
When I need mocha color, I put in some unsweetened cocoa powder. Just a very little bit. It doesn't change the flavor so much as it changes the color.
I just made my first gumpaste crown (see "my photos"). I planned weeks in advance cause they take time to set up. My first one broke, thank God my second one worked.Buy the crown, make a beautiful cake and nobody will care that the crown is not made out of gumpaste.Sending cake angels your way.
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