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leahs, that's big league stuff. You are the professional for sure. I have a cake leveler but nothing like an Agbay, and the SPS system is way more advanced cake than I am planning to do.I just do this for the love of the hobby. I have to bake, I can't help it. I bake when I have nothing to bake for and then give it away. Last week I did beach themed sugar cookies for 300 people. Palm trees, surfboards and sailboats with lots of detail and gave them as a gift. I am...
See -- I don't know. Shows you what a newbe I am. Anyway, I would like to make a couple of wedding cakes to try my hand at it for those that can't afford one.Thank you so much. That made me laugh at how naive I am.
I want to buy a refrigerator just to store cakes in. Don't need a freezer and it would just be for my own home use. What is the amount of space I would need inside to hold the cakes?Currently everything I am making I am giving away and want to try my hand at making wedding cakes, never done one. I know that I will need to store it in the frige.I know several people getting married on a very tight budget and I would like to do their wedding cake as a gift, and what a...
Yes, I checked the 2nd one -- they are out of business. The first one is about 60 miles from me.Thank you very much for taking the time to google it. It is much appreciated.
I've looked, checked my church and I am running into dead ends. Anyone have any idea how I can find a commercial kitchen to rent in Orlando?Thanks all.
I've been lurking for a while, this is my first post. I live in Florida and LOVE to bake and decorate. Right now I give everything away and would love to see the laws changed.So, what do I need to do to help everyone out? Just let me know and I will do it!Thank you everyone for such great comments!!
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