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Maybe it shouldn't be buttercream at all. Maybe it should be done in royal icing.Anyone?
I want to make a dummy wedding cake. I have all my styrofoam. My questioin is about the buttercream. What recipe should I use? Clearly I don't want to use flavorings. Should I use my high ratio shortening or crisco? Will it dry hard? I really don't want to do fondant.
My local cake store advertises that they now carry Presto.What makes Presto different from any other cake flour? Just curious.
How about a spice cake or an apple cake?
I just put the cordial/liquor in the spray bottle.Same idea as brushing with syrup prior to frosting. Helps to keep the cake moist and adds a great flavor. Like chocolate cake with sprayed with kaluah. You don't use as much as you would if you brushed it on.People love it!!
I did two wedding cakes last week with that recipe. Great cake taste but the results are unreliable!! I modified it which helped. I used 1/2 cup sugar instead of the full cup, 1/2 cup White Chocolate Mocha coffee creamer and 3/4 cup water and reduced the oil to 2 tablespoons.I did lots of test runs before I would use it for a customer. Now I have a LOT of cake to go done the garbage disposal.Good luck!!
I have a spray bottle that I use to mist on cordials. It infuses the cake in amazing ways. Today I made a wedding cake that was misted with Frangelica (sp?) and filled with nutella mousse.Misting the cake keeps it moist and adds a whole new demension. And misting uses less cordial that brushing the liquid on the cake.Looking forward to trying Chambord and Grand Marnier etc.
I've got a container of the Bettercreme and I've never used it or tried it. If you have worked with Bettercreme I would appreciate you input. Do you think I can add Nutella to it after it is whipped?
I need two huge roses for a cake, about 5-6 inches in diameter.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What type of cutter should I use (round, petal shapped, 5-petal cutter). Should I increase the size of the cutter to make a large rose?Thank you for being so gratious with your info. I love my CC friends!!
No I don't advertise on a paid order.
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