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I am a licensed baker and had a booth at the local farmers market. Can't say that I made any money. It was fun. It was a LOT of work.The downside is having too much product that doesn't sell but then you don't want a table that looks empty either. I don't have a storefront so what didn't sell I ended up giving away or tossing.
Surprisingly the cookie did not spread. It maintained the shape, I used a 1" cookie scoop, topped it with a hershey kiss when it came out of the oven.Taste test: The cookie was a very tender "melt-a-way" consistancy. Looked fine and tasted pretty darn good. I don't think they would pack well due to them being so tender.I really don't understand why it didn't spread out from all the fat. Oh well, I certainly am not a scientist.Thanks.
[quote="-K8memphis"]Test one cookie in the oven & see what happens quote]K8memphis -- that's a GREAT suggestion. I've got "one" cookie in the oven right now and fingers crossed. I'll let you know what happens although I must say the dough is very soft and fluffy.
I started to make peanut butter cookies (my favorite recipe) but just realized I put 1/2 cup too much butter in the peanut butter/butter/shortening/sugar mixture.1) should I try to double the recipe? which i doubt will fit in my mixer2) go ahead an make them with the extra butter (won't the spread bad?)Here is the recipe2.5 cups flour1 tsp baking powder1 tsp baking soda1 tsp salt1/2 cup butter1/2 cup shortening1 cup peanut butter1 cup sugar1 cup brown sugar2 eggs1 tsp...
Crocs, love them. They are ugly but you can't beat the comfort.
Do you have your own permanent storage? - It is a commericial kitchen. There are about 8 of us that share it. We are each allowed (2) 6-foot tall rolling carts that we keep our supplies on. When we ae there, we roll them into the kitchen. I also have freezer space and refrigerator space there.Where do you store cakes in progress and ingredients? Usually in the freezer/refrigerator or I complete them and they are picked up or I deliver tham.Any problems 'sharing'? -...
I'll chime in. I rent commerical space in orlando fl. $250 per month for 10 hours per week. I take the orders I can handle and refer out what I can't. It's just me and I do it more for the love of the hobby than for the money.Been legal for just over a year. Happy doing what I can. I also work a full time job that pays the bills.
I don't charge for local delivery (less than 10 miles). It gives me an edge on my competitors and when they get a price from me there are no surprises, no extra charges.I like to Keep It Simple!!
The last two cake I have made have sunken badly in the middle. Different recipes. Purchased new baking powder today looking for a cure and my chocolate cake sits on the cooling rack sinking more and more with every passing moment.I pray the cake Gods will send me some angels soon cause this is really depressing.Last cake, I carved some of the sides and put it on top the cake then frosted it and nobody noticed. Actually said it was the best cake they had ever eaten.Oh...
Agree, square cakes are more difficult than round.
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