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This is what I love about CC. So many helpful people, even in a situation that looks daunting.
Have you thought about what size pans you need? Will they fit in your oven? How many cakes can you put in your oven at one time?Have you priced fondant? Have you ever worked with fondant? I agree. Forgo the fondant and go with a rustic buttercream look.
I am in business and don't think I would do an order for 400 people. Good luck with that one. By the time you purchase ingredients and supplies you are probably better off going to your local grocery store.But if you must, don't do a stacked cake. You want to be able to relax on your special day.
If my cakes are going to be in a cool room I use buttercream deam from this site, it tastes so good cause it has butter. Otherwise I use Indydeb's.
I love working in buttercream. Fondant is pretty and I do have a hard time with it but I think it's such a waste of money. What do people do with all those things (animals and such) that take so much time to make -- can you keep them forever?You know who else does GREAT BC cakes is EDNA - I could look at her website all day long.Here is one of my own favs that I did for my daughters baby shower
LisaPeps, that top cake is exactly the one I've been looking for hours. Thanks. I love CC!!
About two months ago someone posted a photo of a heart-shaped cake that looked like it had a lace overlay on it (it was fondant) and through the lace you could see the cake underneath. I wish I had saved it.Does anyone know what I am talking about. The person that created said it wasn't terribly difficult.Thanks.
I would not advertise if it is a paid order.
I am moving to Vero Beach and am trying to find a commercial kitchen in that area.Anyone from that area?
I've had that also, someone on here called them "cake farts". All you can do is poke a hole and let it out.
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