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I've been asked to make a cake for someone turning 105.  It is an honor to do this cake and I want it to be so special.  Just needs to be for 8 people but I want it to be so special.   I haven't posted here in a long time but does anybody have any ideas for a design?
Evoir, your tag line med me laugh. That's how I feel about cake pops!The items I am baking are not for sale, they are to bring the people in the doors so thankfully I will not have to package them that will save a lot of time,
BakingIrene, thank you for your great info. I have to say though, I won't be able to bake ahead of time. I don't live anywhere near there and won't arrive until the day before so all of this has to be done the day before or the day of that is why I have kept the recipes so simple.Have I agreed to more that I can handle? The event is on a Saturday at 7:00 PM and I won't get there until the day before on Friday around 5:00 PM. You know, just typing these words make me...
I didn't know which forum to put this in.My Son-in-law is a pastor and the church is having a silent auction. The theme is "sweet silent auction" and he has asked me to bake goodies. I can use the church kitchen and the church will be purchasing the supplies and providing help for me.My question is how much of each should I make? I will be cutting into small bite size pieces.Chipotle BrowniesPeanut Butter BarsPumpkin BarsHarvest Apple MuffinsChcolate Chip CookiesMini...
I love this recipe but I never get 2" layers out of it either. I am glad it is not just me.
So much time (mostly time) and cost to the customer is put into these beautiful elaborately decorated fondant cakes. What happens to these decorations, flowers, characters? Do people keep them? Do they throw them away?These cakes are works of art. Worthy of timeless pictures. I just wonder what happens to all those time consuming flowers, characters after the cake is eaten?Are they just tossed? Nice to look at and then thrown away? What do people do with those...
There was a picture posted a couple of days ago. It was a single red shoe on a shoe box. I swear I saved it but it's not in my pictures. I was like red patent leather shoe.Thanks.
Don't use as much shortening. That happened to me several times until Leahs told me to cut back on the shortening.
I was going to say the Whimsical Bakehouse also.
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