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Here's a picture of the Club Penguin cake I did...[/img][img]I agree - they really are just fondant balls (or oval shapes) with little decorations! So cute!
Not sure where you're located. I just purchased a package of 200 at AC Moore and it was 5.99 and was able to use a 40% off coupon.
I've never seen it around here and just googled it. Closest looks like NJ.
I don't know if you refrigerate your cakes, but I always do (fondant or not) and if I'm adding a tier onto another and it's buttercream, I have to make sure the buttercream is really firm before I attempt to transfer. I then also use a viva towel just to do some final touch ups and always have a border! Good luck!
You could do a classic swirl of icing on top and then cut out hearts in fondant from the wedding colors and then using a clear stamp - imprint the fondant heart with a monogram of the couples last name....I did this and have a photo in my gallery for a jack & jill where the couple ended up surprising the guests and got married right then and there. I dusted them with a little luster dust to really make the imprint stand out.Good luck!
I had the same problem with FondX. I had ordered it looking to try something new. One thing I learned is I don't like it and won't be ordering it again. It did help to knead in powder sugar to stiffen it up a bit. I ordered Satin Ice recently to try and thought it was also pretty soft, but better than FondX. I like you started out using Wilton and found it super easy to use, but was looking to try something that tasted a little better. I never had any lucky making my...
Like Renee mentioned - I make my black by first making my chocolate buttercream. I also use americolor black coloring and you use way less and I've always gotten a true black. It also helps if you can let the color sit for a bit as it does darken. HTH!
I'm sure you'll get several different opinions but what's always worked for me is I frost my cakes in buttercream, let them sit for a few minutes and do the viva paper towl method to get them super smooth. In the fridge they go for about 20-30 minutes. Right before I take them out, I roll out my fondant and then cover them straight out of the fridge. Once covered in fondant, I then put them back in the fridge until I'm ready to stack and/or decorate.
My only thought was...was it thinned out enough. The cake is absolutely beautiful though! Great job!
My 2 favorites are Wilton's 1M & 1A. Gives me the 2 totally opposite looks.I did cupcakes last night and will be posting pictures later today. My margarita cupcakes use the 1M and my espresso cupcakes use the 1A.
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