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Thank you ! I just got back and its still "sticky" - I will try to clean up the mold the best I can and soak - You're right.. probably did not get the temp right - I had made about 4 bottles and it was my last one and it was late... lesson learned! THANKS !Vicki
Help! I made some poured sugar bottles yesterday, my last batch never set. Its been sitting all night and still "sticky" - #1 what did I do wrong? Did I not heat the sugar enough - #2 How the heck do I get it out of the mold? I mean its really in there.. don't want to throw my mold out! but its a STICKY mess -TIAVicki
For dirt, I use crushed Graham Crackers
"Welcome our Little Lady"I like the LADY - theme - very cute!
I've used the spray, and honestly - the worst purchase I made. I have an airbrush, and just wanted something quick to give a "sparkle" so I got the silver Duff spray.It was shiny - gave a sparkle, but it clogged after a few seconds, then when I got it to work again it "spit" it out in big globs - then it stop working. If you hold it in one spot to long (waiting for the darn thing to work) it will look spray painted and blochy.HTH - but again, just my opinion and you are...
The best thing to do is "image" search zebra print - that way you get a visual of what the print looks like.For me, I rolled out black fondant and then just took a sharp knife and started cutting in strips - the more stripes the better - layed out on the cake, fill in holes step back and keep going tell it looks good. Good Luck - HTHVicki
I've never used this pan, but assuming that there are lots of details (bumbs) in the pan.I would grease (crisco) and flour ... cross my fingers.... and hope for the best.I've always used wax paper in my pans, if the pan allows it I would line with wax paper and try that ? again, not familiar with the pan so its your callHTH
Very cool, I need to look into adding some fun to my KA mixer! To bed/bath and beyond I go......
Ditto - you could have some tears and a loud scream "STOP, PLEASE STOP" - as you watch your cake morf into a wrinkled mess! Not that I would know the tears and the screams... just sayin Unwrap the frozen cakes, leave on your counter until they are room temp. If you are carving the cakes, its nice to have them a little frozen to get nice cuts (less crumbs)... but still wait to cover until they are thawed out.HTHVicki
Thanks everyone, talked to my friend... explain the logistics of the cake - and she is so sweet and worried about me - that we are looking at other design concepts that are castle/fairy...cinderella like.I dont have a problem doing the castle cake (something new!) so if the birthday girl wants it.. she shall get her castle - Aunt Vicki will make sure of it! I have seen the castle cake made with ice cream cones (regular) and the pointy ones... using RI as glue and painting...
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