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Hello, I want to finally make a beer bottle cake. Have already made my mold and a few bottles.However I can't seem to wrap my head around securing the bottles to the cake so they don't fall off or blow the sides of the cake out. I have been searching and searching for solutions and now my head hurts cause I can't find what I am looking for....lolAny tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
Start by calling the health inspector and ask deeper into the responses you get to fully understand as I wasn't getting clear answers at first. I thought I had to make a separate kitchen in my home but come to find out I don't as long as I am not running a retail operation (where customers are coming to my home to purchase cake slices, etc) I am good to go.
I hear you. I have had a cake order for over a month that needs tons of little gumpaste figures created. I always think about the amount of work involved and that I should be getting a head start..........well the cake is due Saturday and now I am freaking out considering tonight is out of the question as I have other commitments. I also have a cake due Sunday.....I must like the pressure or something.
I stopped using Wilton after taking the course cause everyone was complainng about not wanting fondant cakes. I have discovered Fondx lately and love it! It is about the same price here as the wilton, just costs to have it shipped to me. I prefer Wilton for making figures, etc becasue of it's workability. I will try mixing it with modeling chocolate one of these days and see how that goes.
You sure can. I always put my fondant in then freeze the mold for about 15 minutes before taking it out so I don't distort the fondant when removing it from the mold. It holds it's shape really well.
Thanks everyone. I kinda figured it would be the same but what fun we could have if we were allowed to use them Thanks
Okay so I am still wrapping my head around all the different copyright issues. I know you can't mold a copyrighed charactor/logo etc and sell it. But what about images from the cricut disks? I know there is a disney cartridge and several others, are we okay to use those as we have purchased the cartridge or is that still for personal use?Thanks in advance!
I just made a white cake today and put caramel and apple (apple pie filling chopped up) and it was a huge hit. I iced the bottom of the cake with the caramel filling so the apple wouldn't run through into the layer, I also then put caremal one the inside of the top layer for the same reason so the apple was sandwiched between two layers of caremal.Everyone commented on how good it was and I got one cake order on the spot because of it!
I don't have an air brush yet, so I just painted some coloured water onto the marshmellows with a brush and it looked fine.I also ripped the marshmellows in half then stuck them back together again, and it was amazing how much it looked like popcorn since not all kernals are alike. I have also seen lots of them done where they are cut amost in 1/4's
I have offically heart that any cake with more then 2 layers need to have a cake board and supports part way through it. I just made tree cake with 3 layers thinking it would be a big deal......well it drooped. Luckily it was tree and still looked natural to the cake but when I looked at it, that was all I could see.
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