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I wouldn't give her anything. Don't be rude to her, but I would re-explain the contract to her. Also mention you have pictures of the cake after delivery and the cake is in excellent condition in those pictures. So if something happened to the cake later in the day by the time the pictures where taken, you are not responsible for that.
I know, I always read 50% of people say never put it in the fridge and the other say it's okay. So I am so confused I don't know if it stayed on the counter it would have survived either, as the cake underneath the fondant was going down, so the cake itself needed the fridge but the fondant is now in jeopardy in the fridge It doesn't look like it slid anymore last night in the fridge, so that at least is a good sign, but now I am terrified to take it out. I can't...
Well it is in the fridge and I am praying I made the right choice. It just seemed like every time I looked at it it seemed to be getting worse.So fingers crossed the colours won't bleed when it comes out of the fridge. I have to drive it about 30 minutes to my friends place on Friday morning then she has to take to the party on Saturday. So I will be warning her to clear out her fridge tomorrow so that it can stay cool between Friday morning and the party.I feel so...
Hello, I took an order late last week for this week against my better knowledge as I already have a packed week and this was hard to fit in, but it's a friends daughter.The cake is a golf bag laying on it's side. I used 6 8" rounds on their sides, covered in white McCalls (Canada) fondant with black Satin Ice accents (stitching, bottom of bag, etc)I covered the cake last night with the white and put it in the fridge to firm up. I took it out this morning to finish...
personally I would use the large plastic supports (Wilton) for the bottom 2 tiers, then you would be okay for the tea straws on the top 2.I like to use the heavy duty stuff on the tiers supporting all the weight.
DH for me, I always add extra stuff to it and it holds up so well.
oh, I haven't heard of that happening before. I thought you meant the bulge from the icing.It might be the recipe you are using, maybe it's just not strong enough to support the weight of itself. I really don't know, hopefully someone else will come by with more help then I can offer.
Wow, that is great. I am sure even with your tutorial I could never get one to look like that. Thanks for sharing.
I use pre-made foil covered cake boards under each cake. Around here I can get them at my local bulk food store or order on-line.I also always use a drum board under my cakes. I don't think the plastic plate will hold up and may warp a little in the middle with the weight.
I charge $25 per dozen for basic and $35-$40 for detailed work or fondant covered.
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