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I cover almost all my boards in fondant for the finished look. I use the drum boards, then use a ribbon to cover the edge of the board. That allows me to push or move the board a bit by putting my fingers on the edge. I never cover a thin board that the fondant would have to go over the side of the board, just for that reason.
The ball cake I did settled a bit so it wasn't perfectly round anymore but there was still a bottom layer there. I am thinking next time I do a ball I am going to support the top layer as I would a second tier just to help stop the settling.
Yes, they stay wrapped until they are completely defrosted. I also put them in the freeze while they are still warm....not hot but just a little warm to touch. It also makes the wrap stick to it better so you don't get air in it.
I think the problem is the information gets shared so much people don't realize it was even originated from a purchased DVD, etc. I like sharing ideas and tips, but yes, I think we need to respect the creators at the same time. I don't have a lot of video's but I do have some of Jennifer D (can't remember spelling of last name) one of her videos is on how to make Chocolate fondant. I have noticed people seem to really respect this and when another CCer asks for the...
I freeze my cakes as well. I try to take a Monday at the beginning of the month as bake as many cakes as I can for that month. Then I can spend the rest of the time decorating.I bake, cool, wrap up really good and freeze. Remove from freezer the morning I want to start, let the cake defrost fully while still wrapped. Then you are good to go I always get compliments on how moist my cakes are so it doesn't hurt them at all. I also find it makes them settle better...
I have been having problems as well. Tried for days to upload a picture and kept getting error messages.I can get to the front page but not all the pictures open. Maybe we each need to e-mail tech, as it is not an issue with a personal computer (deleting cookies) if it's happening to several of us.
bought mine about 2 months ago, but haven't used them yet so unfortunately can't help. I would also love to hear options of anyone that has used the actual pans though.
Has anyone used the PME People Mold? I am on fence about buying it and am just scared about spending so much on a mold if the results are poor.Any advise from users of the mold would be great, or any pictures of people you have created from the mold.Thanks so much!! Just don't want to waste more money on a product that doesn't work.
This is the one I use all the time. I actually use it for all my cakes now as everyone loves it. I freeze it first and carve while still chilled (not frozen) if it starts to get to warm them and crumble a bit then I stick it back in the fridge.
I think anything with a hatch back and large area.I have a Honda Pilot and love it for deliveries. The 3rd row ofseats has never seen the light of day. So it lays flat giving you a huge area in the back for stuff. It also has a custom fitting cargo mat for the back with the 3rd row down. So this is perfect, it's a custom fit hard plastic piece that won't slide around. I put a none slip mat on top of that and we are good to go
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