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very cute!
Haven't used it but would be interested in hearing from those who have.
I can't get images to upload onto CC anymore. However I do have a picture on my blog of a cake that uses 3 6" rounds. I believe it's the second post on there right now. It's black and white with a red flower and was an anniversary cake.
For a Saturday cake I always pull the cakes out of the freezer Wednesday morning. Fill them Wednesday evening when they have defrosted. Wrap and stick in the fridge with tile on top overnight. Then I start decorating Thursday which gives me Friday as well depending on the cake details or deliver/or have it picked up for Friday which most of my customers want so they are not dealing with the cake on the day of the event. I am always told how fresh and great the cakes...
sorry aine2 is the only one coming to mind for me. Hope you can find it.
Simply don't make it! I have a guy that I have been having the same issue with. I have double/triple checked with him to ensure he still wants the cake, reminding him payment is due. I keep getting the "oh, I forgot I will send you the money tonight" Well it hasn't come and I didn't bother making his cake.It is due Sunday and I can't possibly bake and make all the pieces for the cake. So simply put I guess he will be running to the grocery store to by a last...
Good for you, for getting the release signed. I still need to develop that. It's not your fault so try not to feel bad (other then the fact that it's all your work wrecked) You told him how to drive with it and he didn't listen.
I have been checking out these carriers at stores lately but haven't bought one cause I already have carries. I think I might break down though, I love how deep the cupcake part is as I always have issues with my cupcakes falling over in the other carriers. Plus I never even considered taking the trays out to use for taller cakes I am in Canada but have seen them in Winners and HomeSence so you may want to check your local stores
I haven't tried Magic Line as I wasn't able to get them locally. I just traded all my wiltons for Crown, which is a huge improvement.
I agree, a good mixer and pans would be the best way to start. I have wanted an air brush for awhile now but you don't need it to make cakes. Once you have the essentials and a few cake orders, spoil yourself and get one. But shop around as you should be able to get it for much cheaper.
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