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I have a bride that would like a decorated wedding cake, but the groom only likes cheesecake so wants a cake that tastes like cheesecake. Is this possible? Do you know of a recipe that would give a true cheesecake taste but be able to decorate it? Thanks in advance!
I was thinking the same thing. Making a statement saying "All of us at Cakes r us, would like to send our condolences to both the families involved in the tragic accident on March __, 2011".Be very careful not to state that it isn't your son involved but also be careful to not word it as though you are sending an apology on behalf of your son.
I now I have read that several people do fill and freeze so when the cake comes it just needs to defrost and it's ready to decorate.I haven't had much success with this as I have tried it but the icing gets a bit mussy when it defrosts and blends into the cake a bit so it appears that there isn't as much icing the cake (which is honestly most peoples favorite part so I hate feeling like to ripped them off on the icing). So I always bake, level and freeze. Make the...
I didn't know that Wilton made Chocolate coloring. I will have to source that out.We don't have a lot of colors around here so it can be hard at times. I generally just mix the melts I have to get different colors. Although that can be a challenge at times.
I never used to box my cakes for the same reason as many.....they just don't fit. Until the day that I had to meet a customer in a parking lot to drop off the cake (long story) I had told him my usual tips for transporting. However when I went put the cake in his was trashed. Literally the dirtiest car I have ever seen. I was so nervous to just sit an unboxed cake in his car. Now all my cakes get boxed. Most of them don't fit in a box with the lid...
I used to use the Wilton plastic supports for everything but switched to the tea straws awhile back due to price.I was unsure about the tea straws at first but they hold up really well. But for a 4 or 5 tier cake I would likely use the Wilton ones for the bottom 2 tiers as they hold the blunt of the weight then the tea straws for the tops ones should work just fine.
I am in the Barrie area and have also received mixed messages. I can't seem to locate the site now but I am wishing I had printed the screen. In my original search for info I found a Government webpage that listed a bunch of different home based businesses for Canadians to start up one of which was Cake Decorating. I ended up calling the Health Inspectors to get more info on what I needed. My first conversation, I was told at first I couldn't do it but I as...
I haven't done one of these cakes yet but have thought about it Personally I also would be worried about a 1 or 2 inch Styrofoam piece holding the wait. It it's square like in the sample photos I personally would go to the hardwood store and have some 1" pieces of wood cut to the size you need. Then if you need it to be 2" high you can screw 2 pieces together.Then your supports won't damage the wood and the structure would be nice and strong.
I can't stand Wiltons melts either. I have to add so much shortening that it makes the chocolate unstable to work with.I like Merkens as long as they are fresh.
oh, I will have to try this. I always use the Wilton Cake Release and love the results I get but at $5 a jar it's getting pricey. Thanks for posting!
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