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I use piping gel between my tiers and it has always worked great.
I just had a florist e-mail me this week asking I display a wedding cake in the shop as well. My problem is I had a design in mind, however when I questioned her more about a few things she has said she wants the 4 colours of her shop on the cake. This has me concerned now as these are not colours that will appeal to most brides and I would like to do a cake design that I feel would bring in business not one that matches her shop. So just be sure you understand the...
I cover all my boards in fondant as silver cake boards drive me nuts
I like 6, 10, 14 as I really like the 2" ledge around at each tier
I do this all the time without a problem. I wrap with with cling wrap several times. When taking it out of the freezer leave the cling wrap on it until the cake is totally defrosted.
If it's not a large area to cover I would use the #1 or 2, but if it's a large area it will take hours and your wrist will KILL you, so you might need to change the cake up a bit if possible to eliminate so much grass
Wow, I would have never considered baking it in the cone directly!I would love to hear more about this....does the cone not burn or break? How long do you cook it for?
I have a Honda Pilot and love it. The back is perfectly flat and they have an cargo accessory that is like a heavy duty bed liner. Set a cake on there and it's not going anywhere I like that the vehicle is higher so it's the perfect height - no bending over to get cakes in and out which really saves your back. It also has nice height so you can get some really tall cakes back there
I just had the same thing happen this week.A high end retirement residence contacted me to make 2 cakes - for 2 different dates at the end of April and early May. One of the cakes is NOT my style and I honestly am not looking forward to making it, but it's for a big media event - so I totally want one of my cakes to be in the media We went back and forth on prices and designs, got the okay and asked to submit a formal invoice rather then a quote. So I did, with my...
Thanks everyone. I will do some research on those tips and recipes and see what I can find By stable, just one that can stand up to be covered in fondant and decorated.I suggested to her last night that the other option would be a dummy cake done then a small cheese cake to cut up. The wedding is going to be very intimate with only about 30 family members attending so she isn't looking for anything big but would like a cake for photos. I haven't heard back from her...
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