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Hello, I want to buy an airbrush for my cakes. Do I need a special one for decorating cakes or can I use any airbrush as long as I only us it for cakes?What do you use for colours? The stores in my area don't have a lot of cake supplies so I am limited with what is directly avaliable.TIAJulie
I can't open the file, I just keep getting error reports.I would love to see how this is done. If any anyone can e-mail me a copy? that would be great.Thanks
I am wondering if any of you are from Ontario Canada and running a home based business. I would like to be able to start advertising my cakes a little more and am starting to get more outside orders in. However I am worried about health and safety issues. I have tried to do some research but can't seem to find much info on small businesses.Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.Thanks, Julie
Thanks for sharing you picture. I am a visual person and need to see a completed cookie rather then just the shape from the cutter It's always fun to see how things inprove as we continue to do more.
I haven't done many cookies yet, but am planning on doing some themed cookies for my kids birthday party (birthdays only 3 days appart so one large party)I would like to do the cookies as early as I can as I will also be decorating 2 cakes (one for each kid) the day before the party. Can someone please tell me how long cookies stay fresh for and is there a trick for storing them?Thanks
for some reason the pictures are not coming up for me so I am not sure if tihs has been posted or not. I would love to see a picture of the fire truck cutter.Thanks so much
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