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Choco Molds has 1000 for 11.99. I have ordered from them before and the shipping was pretty quick (and I'm in Canada)
I think it depends on the customer. I have some customers that give me grief over a $50 cake and others that don't bat an eyelash at $200 birthday cakes. They just say, "we have to have it". I am also in Canada and now have a $75 min for all fondant cakes (unless I offer a special on a holiday cake) I also do a $50 min on buttercream cakes. The way I see it, you pay almost $45 at the grocery store for a buttercream slab cake, so if they are willing to pay that for...
It is getting hard. I stocked up at a Wal-Mart sale a few weeks ago. They had icing sugar on for cheaper then I can get iat Costco or bulk. I have 3 around me and the first store didn't have any left so I also was able to get a raincheck Then go to the other locations to buy on the spot I have been trying to get Restaurant supplies but seem to be having a hard time getting of them to contact me back or provide full lists so I can see what I am able to purchase.
The first cake I put in the fridge was a black and white golf bag cake. I had to put it in the fridge to help keep the cake firm (it was starting to slide a bit). I was terrified when the cake came out and there was so much condensation, I thought for sure the black as going to run into the white. But it didn't it was very sticky, but as long as no body touched it, it did great. By the time it was presented at the party the condensation was gone and the cake was perfect
I buy 5" boxes and tape the sides open, so that there is someone of a protection on the cake but the top isn't going to touch the cake.
I just ordered some Magic Line pans so I can't help yet. However the pans I currently use also do the "leaning" thing. I can get rid of it pretty good with the icing.
I love the software!! I won't quote a cake without being able to first reference cake boss as I always underestimate them otherwise.I had a computer crash a year ago and they were great to work with for getting the program reinstalled and explaining how to get all my entries to work again
There are several wholesalers out there, but it depends on the kind of things you are looking to stock. Some places require you to order multiples of each item (to ensure it's for resale) while others don't.You do need your tax info for CK. I have an account with them and the prices are good on most things. However I have to be careful to consider the price of shipping and brokerage fees as I am in Canada.
You need to cook the cake for longer then in regular pans. I can't remember how much longer as it has been awhile, but just keep checking them.
How many dowels did you use in each tier?As long as there were enough it should have supported the cake. I use bubble straws and they work great. I like them because they are strong and are wider then dowels making me feel safer I always have a circle of them 4-8 depending on the size of the cake then one in the middle.
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