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I put all my cakes in the fridge (as long as they fit)   I cover them when cold, decorate and put back in fridge.    Works great!!   The cakes don't shrink like they can at room temp.  A little sweating can happen when they come out of the fridge.   The biggest thing is to not touch it while it sweats or it will leave finger prints.   
I charge $25/dozen for a basic cupcake with sprinkles or something really simple and $30 or $35 per dozen depending on difficulty when they have fondant toppers.
It does always depend on where you live and what the prices in your area are. However I personally wouldn't do it for less then $250.
cupcations - have you tried the other colors from them? I love brown personally but my customers often want a variety of colors so just wondering if the others hold their color as much as the brown.
I have a couple of special cupcake recipes that I have but for the most part I use the same recipes as I do for cakes.
I make them free hand. It's actually really easy. Make a small rope, flatten it out then use the little white Wilton tool that has 3 cutting heads (sorry not sure of the name) - one is a zig zag which makes a great zipper look. Then using rectangles, ovals and another rope piece I build the zipper piece. Takes about 5 minutes but comes out great every time and doesn't cost anything
They are a bit of a nightmare to transport. I had a special case built so I could but them in because they are so top heavy. It terms of getting them to stay, I find that I freeze the cupcakes first and stick them in while still slightly frozen so they are easier to work with. I put the toothpicks on a pretty good angle to help gravity.
That is crazy!! Personally I always add a bit extra if is a last minute cake. As now I am rushed to get everything done and may have to pay more for products I could have received cheaper in advance. So it's not saving money at all, but risking not getting the cake they want.
Wow, the square is very neat!! Hopefully it will come to Canada soon
I will have to try that mixture. I use Wilton's Cake Release and have never had a problem with it. But at $5.50 a bottle it's pretty pricey when baking a lot.
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