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my "go to" cake is WASC. I use Sharon Zambito's buttercream recipe. I am wondering what flavor in the buttercream would pair best with WASC. I don't care for the straight vanilla, I ve added in butter also not a fav. I have put in some almond flavoring which is pretty good. But I'm wondering if I should not use the almond since I have the almond in the cake. I mainly just do birthday cakes. So just looking for a complimentary combination. TIA
Wiltons Teal or americolor turquoise, the are both spot on. But it will take very, very small amount. So work slow with it.
Forgot to mention that I bake regular 2" tall cakes. Use my Wilton wire thing to torte my cakes, so now I have 2 1" cakes then I use the circle cutter. Perfect.
Sorry you are having trouble. I did too the first few I did. As far as cutting the circles. I used a circle cutter just a bit smaller, and they just dropped in. No problem. However I did experience some of what you did trying to insert them into styrofoam. After a few I realized what was happening. So I took a ink pen.( it was handy) and made the holes, and then just sat the sticks right in. Worked perfect. I've also cut a piece of wood. Like a 2 by 4. Cut the length I...
I use "the mat" and love it. But there have been times that it will have a "hump" in it that I can't get to flatten out. Even though I always keep it rolled up in the tube it comes in. When this happens I put in in a warm clothes dryer for about 45 seconds, works like a charm. HTH
I start with royal blue, and them keep adding black until o get navy. Works evert time for me. Good luck.
The Mat. Never roll fondant without it. I live near Sweetwise. Awesome cake supply store, in Nashville tn. If in The area check it out.
I do quite a bit of baking. I always bake on Monday, for a Saturday delivery. I bake , fill stack and ice Wrap each cake in 4 layers if plastic wrap, and freeze. My freezer is for cakes only. I remove from freezer on thur, and cover with fondant, and decorate thur evening and fri for a Saturday delivery. I have also froze cup cakes for a week and they turned out excellent. For a few dozen I probably would not freeze, but this was for a cupcake wedding of 250. Hope this...
I never cut a cake, or like to see one cut in front of the guest. I lime to take the cake to the kitchen, plate it. Serve it or put the plates back out on the cake table for the guest to pick up.
I got the Epson, i( because it was cheaper) and have never had any trouble with it. Just have to keep the heads really clean.
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