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i use the credit card terminal app and love it. it does have a monthly fee but i also have the option to take web payments and phone payments. i would do lots of research on the apps security set up and reviews before you use it. i have heard some complaints about the square transactions taking a long time to post to your account and the fees being higher than the advertised percentage. hope that helps.
First of all congrats! I agree with the others though, get the details in writing and ask lots of questions. What kind of renters insurance will they require you to have? What kind of storage space is available for you to use? How will payment for your products work? Who pays sales tax (do you sell to them wholesale - this may affect the kind of license you need to get)? What if people want to pay by credit card? Can people pick up your cakes when the shop is open or...
Just had to share 'cause I'm so excited to start this new adventure. Now let the fund and hard work begin.
You're livin' the dream. Best of luck to you!
I'm in the same boat and have determined what I'm willing to spend on a kitchen rental but haven't been able to find one that fits the budget yet. I'd love to hear what you end up doing.
I have no problem with being blunt I am concerned about being able to make enough cake part time to make it worth it. Like Noahsmummy, I have been asking my friends to cover the cost of supplies and they usually throw in some extra. I have asked my friends not to let anyone know what they paid so people don't expect a free cake. Whether or not people will be willing to pay what they should is a whole other question. Seems like most people have no idea what a cake would...
I've only been decorating for 8 or 9 mo. and still have a ton to learn but I am starting to get several requests for cakes. The last few months I've been doing a few cakes a month for friends. Now friends of friends are starting to ask. I love doing cakes for my friends and family but if I'm going to start doing them for other people I would like to get paid for it. I've been looking into getting licensed and renting time in a commercial kitchen. I have a full time job...
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