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Hey thanks for having raised this question, I always wanted to know hwat are the options available !!
tx a lot cakemommy3, U did help me understand how I need to go about doing the FBCT.Tx a ton!!
Thanks for taking the trouble of uploading a tutorial on FBCT.I understood upto step 6, Thereafter I din't get wat I seen in the image.All the detailed black lines in the image are no longer visible also the white collar.Does it mean I need to add the background color over it as a layer & then cover the entire image with another white layer above it? Doesn't all of this smudge when wet .I'm soo confused.... please enlighten me.
I'm working on carving a car cake.This is the first time I'm attempting to carve a cake.Can someone please advise me on whether I can layer the cake with any kind of filling incase I'm carving a cake or should the carving be done on a single slab of cake? Its a convertible that I'm trying to make so whats the best way to get a transparent wind shield.Thanks in Anticipation.
Not a problem klat7292.Its ok, infact its good u asked this question, I never thot i cud use ribbon on BC too. If some1 provides a solutn to ur Questn it wud be of gr8 help 2 me as well
Thanks every1 for ur prompt response.
I have noticed many pple wrapping a satin Ribbon around a fondant cake.I'd like to know how they glue it. Thanks in advance.
agroeve - Thanks a lot for ur prompt response .I liked the handle you made but I haven't used gumpaste before so do not know how to go about using it.Is it ok if I try making it with fondant to which a little gumtex is added?cherrycakes - Thanks for your response. I loved the design on ur handle. Since u've mentioned its made from Royal Icing, I'm wondering if the pattern on it is on both sides of the handle. Is this the link you said I need to use to make the...
I am a novice in cake decoration & was planning to make a basket cake, could some1 please advise me on how i can make a handle for the basket.I wanna make something that resembles the handles of a basket that they use for easter eggs.I guess i need to make it with fondant. I just wanna know how do i make an arch of the handle & ensure that it remains firm & doesn't collapse. I haven't used gumpaste before.
Hello ,I'm a newbie too.Eversince I've tried my hands at cake decorating I've had umpteen no. of questions but didn't know who cud help me with the answers & having come here & scanned this site I bet I cudn't have found another place better.Being a novice at cake decorating I feel that its nice to get help from those who have mastered this art .Thanks every1 who helps resolve issues for first timers .
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