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Actually I intend to try making a bag like this
Is there a way to make fondant look like dark chocolate.Also is there a recipe to make chocolate fondant - I mean the dark chocolate flavor or color.TIA
I totally agree with you about the Drama!! Initially I did feel sad that he ended up dropping the cake down the stairs but then the very next cake that was made for the museum was shown transported to the lower level in the elevator . That's when I realised its all staged.Inspite of all that I guess I'll continue watching it, coz he shares details on how he goes about making the cakes unlike Duff.It helps a newbie like me to learn new techniques Also I realised that he...
varika - Tx. are u referring to this book (link below) this doesn't look like just a cake recipe book.steplite -tx for the link, looks quite helpfulWould appreciate if some1 cud help me a few more suggestions.If there is a recipe book you wud recommend that every Cake baker shud invest in.
I have come across a lot of recipe books on how to make cakes with Cake Mixes with a few more ingredients added to it. I came across a book called Cake Mix Doctor By anne byrn .I noticed she has 2 books ,which of these is better( 1995 or 2009 Edition) .Also is there any other book available that you would recommend.I also came across a book called Cake Mix bible but it has a lot of different cake mixes that the book recommends which I've not seen often in grocery stores...
madgeowens - are u referring to the extender recipe with cake mix by lilscakes on CC ,if not please fw me a link to the recipe u use.TIA
cheatize - Ur cakes look really cute & nice .You shud upload them on ur profile. Tx for sharing them with me.
Thanks CakeMommy3 for ur advise. I will definitely try using the recipe for WASC Cake.Thanks Cheatize for sharing ur experience on making the House cake & Purse. I do not have a cake pan & prefer carving the cake myself.I was trying to c if I cud get a glimpse of ur purse & House cake but I guess u haven't uploaded any pics.If you do so in the future please pm me.I'd love to c them.I have never tried making a WASC Cake & noticed that there are many recipe's available on CC...
chryscrazy, thanks for having raised this question, I too am keen on knowing how it works .Could you please also provide me with a link of the tutorial u mentioned,I'm unable to find it.TIA
I'm a newbie . I'd like to know what cakes work best if I need to make a cake stand vertical , like incase I'm making a house cake or a purse cake.Is it ok to use a cake mix for that cake? if yes which 1 wud u suggest.Incase I need to make a cake from scratch which one's shud I make ?TIA.
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