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where did u buy edible paint from? Cud u please share the link. I thot using luster dust/ pearl dust shud be as simple as using a regular paint but I guess its not that easy
Hey, I too am facing the same problems as yamber82 .I tried painting silver on the tassels of my pillow cake but it didn't stick so I ended up scrapping the idea.I used the wilton's pack that comes in a set of 3 (white, gold & silver).Later I was told that I shud be using Pearl Dust instead , I have purchased it but still need to use it.I hope it works this time. Is Pearl sust different from Luster Dust?
Tx JaimeAnn for having shared images as well.
Wat do you use to trim the excess end of the dowell? I tried sawing it with a knife but that's kinda tedious.Is there another alternative?
thanks to artscallion for sharing these recipes.Will surely try them someday.Special tx to all those trying these cakes & sharing their reviews
marccrand - Tx for the info regarding the satin Ice fondant.I'll try looking for it in my local cake supply store
What a coincidence I too make MMF using the recipe on whatscookingamerica.comTx a lot, now I guess that makes my life easy. Don't need to worry about how it will turn out.
I too make cakes just as a hobby .But I've ended up spending soo much on equipments I wish I could use alternate equipments like u Texas_Rose .tx for sharing ur tips
marccrad - are there any retail stores that sell satin ice or do I have to shop for it online ?TIA
Tx Texas_Rose ;- Cud u please advise which is the recipe you used for fondant in which u substituted sugar with cocoa powder.I haven't tried making regular fondant except for MMF . Wud teh same proportion apply to MMF.If not MMF wats the recipe u recommend for regular fondant that tastes good?Loved ur cakes, ur too good TIA
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