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drakegore you make modelling chocolate at home could u plez plez plez pm me the recipe, ever since I've watched Cake boss use it I'm dying to give it a shot especially for figurines
I wasn't sure that you can make these till I stumbled over ur query.I thot these are bought ready to use from a craft store & placed onto a cake.I did find a small video by Lindy on Youtube, Hope this helps u in getting started.HTH
Hi calamity_clair,I used this youtube video(link attached below) to learn how to cover a square cake with fondant & it helped.Hope its works for u as well.
Hi DefyGravity ,Kindly refer the first link below for the tutorial on FBCT & the second link has the recipe & mentions consistency of the BC reqd for tansfer
I recently read that some1 on CC added the desired color to the melted marshmallow before kneading into the confectionery sugar. I haven't tried it yet .HTH
Tx TexasSugar,I did find the Karo light corn syrup at my local walmart store.But cudn't find the cream of tartar, maybe coz I was looking 4 it in the baking section.I will surely lookout for it in the spice section of my local grocery store during my next trip.
Thanks a lot for ur response Doug & RylanTy .I just wanted to know generally if there was a specific brand I need to look for ,maybe something I cud find in a safeway or a walmart store.But guess it doesn't matter Thanks anyways.
I read a lot of recipes that involve corn syrup, can some1 plez advise what Corn syrup is good enuff to invest in, also for Cream of tartar.I reside in California - bay area.Just need to know a brand name I can look for?
Hi Carda,Could u please pm me the recipe of SMBC, I'd love to try it too. I've read a lot about SMBC on CC, wud like to c the difference between normal BC & SMBC.Also, is there a good cake recipe book of martha stewart or any1 else that you would recommend. I'm looking for a recipe book to make cakes from scratch, any suggestions?TIA
Thanks a lot for taking time out to upload this video,Its been very helpful (for a newbie like me ) in understanding the procedure. Its people like u that make CC wat it is - a problem solver for all queries posted related to cakes
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