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Jen cud you plez share ur white chocolate fondant recipe with me too. I'd love to try it out.Till date I've only tried the MMF.emcm51 - cud u plez pm me ur Fondant recipe as well.
Tx for ur response momma_ash & Doug.Will let my hubby know about the links u've referred Doug,however,What is cannibalize toys?Incase I have anymore questions on this hope its ok to PM you?Any more suggestions are most welcome.
My hubby is wanting to add some effects to my cakes , like make them rotate & things like that.He is unable to find stores that sell such motors.We live in East Bay area in California.Any Idea which retail or online stores would sell these.We tried looking for these at hobby town but all they had was a 4000 RPM motor,however he is looking for a motor that has an RPM (Rotations per minute...........I guess that's wat he said it was )of maybe 5-40 per minute.I'm naive to...
My blog is
I just happened to have a look at this thread .I too wanna try the WASC recipe as recommended by most on CC .Had 1 question, the recipe says 1 box cake mix - (Need a clarification on that, coz I noticed the boxes say 2 8 or 9 inch pans, does 1/2 that pack mean 1 box mix or do i use the entire mix that makes Two 8-9 inch pans) I hope its not confusing & u got what I'm trying to ask. Any help on this is much appreciated.TIA
Sorry Rylan I'm new to blogging hence can't advise you on it.However I'm glad to know that u're creating a blog,do pm me ur blog site once done.I'd love to view it .TIA
I did a search on CC & found 3 Recipe's of Fondant by Michele Foster Could you plez advise which is the one you use & recommend among the 3.TIA
tx for the info bobwonderbuns, wat abt shipping is it expensive coz they come from UK ?
TIA[/quote]That's my thought -- that Cake Chic and Simply Spectacular Cakes are the same book much like Romantic Cakes and Beautiful Cakes were. It's just that one is for UK release and one is for release in the United States. I haven't been able to confirm this yet though. [/quote]4 those of u who have purchased books from Amazon UK, Just had 1 Question , can u pay in dollars for a purchase made on that site, also how economic is the shipping?
I'm kinda confused, how is it that Peggy Porschen's 2 books -Cake Chick & Simply Spectacular Cakes have the same cover?( I checked it on amazon US)Is it something like what bobwonderbuns mentioned that Beautiful Cakes was being sold on amazon UK as Romantic Cakes.Which is y I'd like to know if Cake Chick & Simply Spectacular Cakes are 2 different books.TIA
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