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Thanks 4 sharing the link to the SMBC recipe.
Thats exactly wat I was looking for.Thanks a ton Jamie. I appreciate ur clear & prompt response .Cheers to all my buddies on CC 4 being soo helpful
Thanks Jamie, but what about the bowl thats placed in simmering water.Does the bowl (in which u whisk the egg & sugar) touch the simmering water or i just need to hold it in the steam of that water,I'm so not getting that part. Is there something that explains this part in detail maybe a video or some text?
Sorry I too have no answer to ur query but this sounds interesting.I didn't know one cud do that.Do u have any images to share on how it looks once done?
Hi Bonavolonta :- Cud u plez advise if u use regular granulated sugar or confectionery sugar for ur recipe to make SMBC .Also I'd like to know when you use a double boiler to whisk the eggs & sugar , does ur bowl need to touch the water from below or do u hold it above the water & let it cook in the steam of it. Is there a way to make Chocolate SMBC? If yes whats the proportion of chocolate/unsweetened Coco powder I need to add to it, & at what stage do I do that?Sry bout...
my house cake wud be approx 6" x 3" x 5" not very big, shud I just bake a regular cake & carve it or wud u suggest that I layer it vertically,torte it & then carve it .My mind is always bursting with ideas, the actual problem starts when the ideas need to materialize into a cake Hope it turns out as gr8 as I'm expecting it
Currently I'm working on a housewarming cake for a dear friend who has bought her first house.I will be doing this cake for free but want it to look good.I'm planning to carve a Chocolate cake into a house & then add some plants, mail box, car & a tiny pond with a BBQ in the backyard.I am done with making these toppers (Except for the main house cake)Just hoping my house stays up & doesn't collapse.Might have to support it with dowels.Any suggestions?Does any1 have a good...
For those of you who get it from the pharmacy (pumpkinroses & wendalynn11), cud u'll please advise the brand that u'll use, which u say is food safe?
Oh wow , I'm glad to know that Michaels sells it too.
I've read a lot of recipes that require Glycerin, cud some1 please advise which stores sell it or in which Isle of the grocery store cud I find it.Is there a particular brand I cud look for.I reside in California bay area.TIA
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